Pumpkin Festival 2020

This year, Redcliffe Farm Pumpkin Festival will be different...

There will still be loads of massive pumpkins growing in the pumpkin patch, you will be able to come and pick your own pumpkin.

You will be able to carve it in the carving barn

You will be able to get coffee and seasonal snacks

Sadly, there will be no bouncy castle, no witches hovel and no Grim Reaper.

Why do I have to pay for admission?

As you may remember, in the past we have only charged £5 admission for children, and this included a pumpkin. This year we have to restrict access to a safe number of visitors, this is why we are asking that all visitors to the pumpkin patch pay a nominal addmission fee, and that everyone has pre-booked, in this way we can plan a safe environment.

Pumpkin Festival runs from Saturday 24th October to Saturday 31st October

We are selling tickets for 3 time slots each day of pumpkin festival;

10am to 12noon

12noon to 2pm

2pm to 4pm

You can arrive at any time within your time slot, but please remember to leave plenty of time to goto the pumpkin patch, choose your pumpkin and carve it here (if that's what you want to do!)

We will have to clear the site at the end of each session.